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 List of problems

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List of problems Empty
PostSubject: List of problems   List of problems Icon_minitimeThu Nov 25, 2010 1:16 pm

I think this is a good way for everyone to post their findings more easily than PM'ing a programmer or owner.

Anyone who finds a bug/glitch/typo/problem etc, just post it here, and it'll be assigned to a programmer. Smile

  • Some login problems (entered correct login details, but it kept saying wrong, but if I visited an actual page, it said I was logged in.)
  • Login system (NEVER STORE PASSWORD IN COOKIE!!!! Even if it is encrypted! Perhaps we could change this to sessions?)
  • Could view registration/login, while logged in
  • Able to mail myself
  • Able to mail myself and parse an XSS Hack
  • Something wrong with bank... the collect interest box sometimes shows in the bottom left corner.
  • In the top info box, the username should link to the profile, for easy access
  • Decimals in bank (it only uses the number before the decimal, but still, should add decimal detection.)
  • Edit profile doesn't work at all?
  • I was able to login without confirming my email
So I only took a quick look around, but this list is a start. Start using this so the site can be improved!


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Owner, Programmer
Owner, Programmer

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List of problems Empty
PostSubject: Re: List of problems   List of problems Icon_minitimeThu Nov 25, 2010 10:44 pm

Are you gonna fix it? Very Happy It would be a great deal if you did. Very Happy

List of problems SailorCalypso
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List of problems
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