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 Announcement on Plots: Part 1 of The Seribal Desert Plot

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PostSubject: Announcement on Plots: Part 1 of The Seribal Desert Plot   Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:23 pm

Your character will awaken in a desert, not far from a village. In the village there are people who go about their day casually. In order to unlock the plot, you must torment the residents with questions until one finally caves and divulges information about lands besides this desert. The villager promises to tell more under the condition that you go out and defeat the monster that’s threatening to destroy the desert. You can do all of this after signing up and confirming your email on your account and creating your character.

After unlocking the plot, you can start exploring the desert outside of the town. You will be taken to the default “Explore” page at this point so you can start hunting the monster. This should only take an allotted amount of minutes before you encounter the monster.

Once you’ve encountered the monster, it will either attempt to steal your money, or it will kill you. If the monster attempts to steal from you, the monster will knock you out and you will awaken in the Ferda Hospital. Your money will be left untouched (as you have no money!). If the monster attempts to kill you, then you will wake up in the Naria Hospital. The Ferda Hospital will have the Prince in there with your and the Naria will have the Princess.

You will awake in a frantic panic in either of the hospitals, but will be calmed down by one of the nurses nearby. It will be then that you will be able to control your character’s actions (sorta) and talk to the respective royal member in the hospital you awoke in by clicking on their non-animated image, thus triggering the dialogue.

The royal pair was meant to be travelling to Piral Village; however, they were attacked by the monster in two different locations, causing them to awaken in the hospital, just as your character. They will start telling you their story of why they are crossing the perilous desert and then ask for your help to travel over half the desert’s length to Piral Village. They will cut off directly before explaining who they are visiting, leaving you hanging and wondering what they want to do and with whom they’re visiting with. Your character will ask what they were going to say, but they’ll refuse to tell you, regardless how often your character asks.

The Prince or Princess will ask you to make a delivery for them and give you a Chain of Transport and request you give it to their love, the Prince or Princess; whoever you are not currently with. At that point, you will have to trek over to either Ferda or Naria. There will be bandits along the way, though you’ll receive a Newbie Guide as well as a pack that has some supplies within. Those supplies will be:

5 Water Bottles
3 Two-Yard Ropes
An Old Torn Book (Which will play a main part in the plot)
And a handful of Oratia Beans (You will need to eat these to stay alive.)

These will be important to you as your character will rely on sustenance during plots. Any other time outside of plots, they will not need food and water, so be sure to keep them stocked. If you stay thirsty for too long, or if you’re too hungry or run out of energy, you will faint and awaken in the town you last visited (or from the last checkpoint).

You will have to find your way out of the city and to the one entrance where the doors are open. Other gates are either closed, broken, or the guards are jerks and won’t let you through. Once you find the one open gate, you will enter the animated map and the Old Torn Book you have will begin to glow bright blue and will open on its own. A blue Spiritual Goddess will appear and warn you about the perils of the desert. Dust Devils, Sand Storms, and Dust Storms are many in the desert and will deal a great deal of damage and frustration if you get caught in one. After the warning, you will be directed to the non-animated map.

While in the desert, you will have to distribute eating and drinking times so you don’t use up the food and water before you get to the next town, which will be either Ferda or Naria. There will be water fountains and Oratia trees hidden around the city, so you won’t need to spend money on buying the food and water from the shops.

Once you finish this plot, a guard in the city of your destination will take you to a Hatchery where you will have the choice to pick one of ten mysterious eggs. Five will be uncommonly seen while making the selection; the other five will be commonly seen. You’ll be able to use the Old Torn Book to decide what is in the egg by the symbol that’s on the shell. The descriptions with the eggs will help as well.

Here’s a bit that I’ve just started on for the plot. Let me know if there’s anything contradictory with what’s above and with the plot I’ve written, as I made a few minor changes throughout.

[Click Preview on Front Page]
The desert; nothing but miles and miles of sand every which way you look. This land is practically uninhabitable, but it still maintains a decent piece of life and supports the habits of those that call these sandy dunes ‘home’. This is where you wake up.

Dazed and confused, you wander about and find a town not too far off. You walk in and look for food and water, the taste of sand is potent in your mouth and your nostrils are sore with the grainy rubbing of the wind as it blew sand through your nasal cavity. How long you have been sleeping out in the strange desert is indeterminable. No one seems to recognize you as you speak to them. One question is dominant on your mind: How do I get out of here?

[Sign up]
[Confirm Email Account]
[Click Start Adventure]
[Create Character]
[Game appears with you in the village]
[Ask around/Chatter]

After minutes of pestering everyone with questions and pertinent discussions, one villager pulls you back after angrily pushing you out of their home that you so rudely walked into. “There are islands around this place, see?” she says to you, her voice cracked with age and as dry as the weeds outside the door. “I’ll tell you all about how to get to them and what’s on them, but there’s something you have to do for me, see?”

With your interest at its peak, you nod and wait for the old woman to continue. “There’s a monster out there in the desert, see? It’s killing our livelihood and we can’t have that no more, see? Go stop that monster from destroying the desert, and I’ll tell you everything.”

[Begin travelling to defeat monster]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Here is the first part of what shall become the opening plot for users who join the site!

The first idea was constructed by me, but Outsane soon cleaned it up and made it much better!

We would like to see what everyone else wants in the next stage of the plot, so please come down and post on this topic! Any ideas? :3

We will consider all ideas and PM you about them.

- Martyn (Owner of Seripets)
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Moderator, Writer.

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PostSubject: Re: Announcement on Plots: Part 1 of The Seribal Desert Plot   Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:54 am

(y) awesome <3
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Announcement on Plots: Part 1 of The Seribal Desert Plot
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